Levelised Cost of Hydrogen

Levelised Cost of Hydrogen

The Levelized Cost of Hydrogen (LCOH) module includes calculation of current costs of production of hydrogen via water electrolysis in the EU countries (+ UK and Norway).

The calculations have been divided into two distinct scenarios:

  1. Production costs of renewable hydrogen, covering three potential sources of renewable energy - PV, onshore wind, and offshore wind (where possible), directly connected to the electrolyser (without grid connection).
  2. Production costs of hydrogen produced via water electrolysis powered with electricity sourced from the national power grid.

A more detailed description of assumptions and approach taken to LCOH estimation is available in the downloadable dataset.

Please note that the data does not show actual hydrogen production costs from operational water electrolysis plants in Europe but is a best estimate of what production costs could be expected to be achieved given current costs of multi-MW state-of-the art electrolysis system and latest available annual electricity costs.

This data was compiled in March 2022.

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