FCH Observatory: the Education and Training chapter of the portal is now live!

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FCH Observatory: the Education and Training chapter of the portal is now live!


Brussels, 30th November 2020


FCH Observatory: the Education and Training chapter of the portal is now live!


On 24.11.2020, the Fuel Cells and Hydrogen Observatory (FCHO) launched its Education and Training chapter during the Hydrogen Week. Over 300 participants from all over the world turned in to see the release of this new and exciting part of the portal!


Considering the speed of market development and growing need to train a skilled workforce in the field of hydrogen and fuel cells, this section of the portal is built as a go-to source to retrieve information on training courses and educational materials relevant to this field. It has been designed for students, teachers, researchers, companies, and more broadly all individuals interested in learning about fuel cells and hydrogen.


Collected through a survey drafted by Hydrogen Europe Research, the training programmes and courses presented on the portal can be retrieved to match users’ specific training needs. Additionally, educational materials are displayed and ordered by level and course focus, to offer users a refined search tool. The observatory acts as an information signpost identifying where details of the training courses and written and digital materials relative to the fuel cell and hydrogen can be found.


If you wish to contribute by sharing materials or course information and to be included in the data collection for the next update, please get in touch with the FCHO team: info@fchobservatory.eu. An update of the Education and Training module will be carried out annually or more frequently as required.


Laurent Antoni, President of Hydrogen Europe Research said "Hydrogen technologies have already reached a technological maturity allowing first commercial deployments competing against fossil-based alternatives. However to create a hydrogen economy, market development and industrial scaling-up are major issues.  To succeed and moving from research to industry, the capacity of disposing an adequate human workforce will just be critical. Europe will need a high skilled workforce from engineers to operators all along the hydrogen value chains: production, installation, operation and maintenance. FCH Observatory is contributing to offer a great platform to share the education and training possibilities on hydrogen technologies all over Europe."


Bart Biebuyck, Executive Director of the FCH JU, added “As the market for fuel cells and hydrogen develops, there is a growing need for training and knowledge in this field. The “Education and Training” chapter of the FCH Observatory contributes to addressing this need by mapping training offers relevant for students and professionals engaging in the field of hydrogen and fuel cells, while making education materials related to fuel cell and hydrogen available on one platform. This information will undoubtedly contribute to supporting European leadership in FCH technologies, benefitting all Europeans in the transition towards a climate-neutral economy.”

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FCH Observatory: the Education and Training chapter of the portal is now live!