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International FCHgo Award


The winners of the FCHgo International Award will be announced during an online ceremony on 15 June from 15:00 to 17:00.  FCHgo is a European project funded by FCH JU, dedicated to fostering knowledge about fuel cell and hydrogen technology by delivering an educational model for schools.


The project application phase for the FCHgo Award competition has closed, but the international selection of candidate projects is in progress. Despite the difficulties caused by the pandemic, several applications from schools in Italy, Poland and Turkey were received.


The nominated projects first went through a national selection process, from which 8 projects emerged as winners:

  • 3 for Turkey, 1 for each age category
  • 3 for Poland, 1 for each age category
  • 2 for Italy, 1 for category 8-11 and 1 for category 15-18 (as there were no valid applications for category 12-14)


The winning projects will further continue to the international selection. They will be evaluated by an international jury that will nominate the three final winners. Each winner will receive prizes that will enhance their knowledge of renewable energies, with particular reference to hydrogen fuel cells, through specific kits for use and experimentation.


Here are the official invitation and agenda of the event.